How it works

It’s simple – Dockshare connects private dock owners with boaters who want to rent their docks

Dock owners list their slips, free of charge, and set their custom rates and rental availability by the hour, day, week, month, season or year. Dockshare then takes 20% of each booking. All payments go through our secure platform – it’s a safe and reliable way to start earning passive income from your waterfront property. 

Boaters can search for docks by zip code and reserve slips online with ease. You no longer have to worry if public docks or marinas are full, and now you can get as close as possible to your destination. We cater to all types of watercraft – book for your paddle board, canoe or kayak too.

As boaters ourselves, providing a platform that’s safe for both our dock owners and renters is our top priority. Becoming a part of the Dockshare community means you agree to treat one another and each other’s property with the utmost respect. 

The water is for everyone. Dockshare gives boaters more freedom and makes the waterfront more accessible to all. 

List on Dockshare

Dockshare makes it easy for you to list your dock for free and start earning a passive income. Here are our top tips for listing your dock:

1. Create your profile.
Give your dock a fun name, add it to the map, and include specifics such as mean low water depth, slip length and width, etc. Listings with images are more likely to get booked – add images that you take (when adding images make sure no personal information or license plates are in the photos) or you can likely find them on a real estate listing for your property. All signage, flags, and decorations should make renters feel safe and welcome.

2. Set your rates.
Name your price – your earnings are in your control! We recommend checking rates at local marinas and considering your amenities and proximity to major attractions and setting a competitive price accordingly. 

3. Start earning!
Once listed, your dock is viewable to boaters looking for slips. You’ll receive an email if your dock has been booked.


Yes, absolutely! However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when doing so.

Setting the right price can mean the difference between getting a steady flow of bookings or none at all. You might have the top-secret scoop on why guests would be willing to pay more, or less, than our suggested rates, and we want to give the freedom to have control over each listing. That’s why we give everyone the ability to set their own rates. For example, if a dock is near a popular destination and the nearby docks usually fill up fast, charging a little more might be reasonable. If the docks don’t always fill up and the area requires guests to walk a little farther to get to their destination, it may be advisable to make rates lower.

If we notice that a price is set far above the market in your neighborhood and reservations aren’t being made, we may reach out and offer some guidance to help with earning potential.

Setting the right price is very important. The right price can mean the difference between getting tons of booking or none at all. Consider the average marina rates in your area and set a competitive price. Also consider your location and amenities and price accordingly.

The amount of income that can be earned from a listing will vary depending on location, availability and number of docks. Some hosts who are very close to high demand areas earn more than less attractions nearby. No matter what, it’s always more than an empty dock would make!

After creating a listing, there is an option for a payout method. Choices include options such as a Venmo account or a personal bank account, whichever is preferred. Go to your profile to add, update, or change any payout methods.

Dockshare does not provide insurance of any kind. Please speak with your insurance provider or other appropriate authority directly to determine your options with regard to the protection of your property. 

In order to make a dock inactive, go to “My Docks” and edit the availability for your dock.

Please keep in mind that if you are changing dock availability you are still expected to honor any future bookings that have already been booked.

Who We Are

Dockshare was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Nate and Gina Young.

Dockshare Founders

Water enthusiasts themselves, Nate and Gina love spending days in the great outdoors, cruising around Maryland’s waterways in their boat. It was on one of their cruises that they realized a major gap in the marketplace.

It all started when they were out on their boat and couldn’t find a spot at a public dock. They found themselves looking around at all the private docks sitting empty and thinking what a missed opportunity – for the dock owner and boater – to offer the flexibility of temporarily renting a private dock. 

They realized that they too were missing out on making their own dock available on their beach-front property where their dock sits empty the majority of the year. 

Dockshare was created to solve both of these problems simultaneously.

Our Mission

To us, the water represents freedom. We believe it’s meant to be enjoyed by any and all. We love how unique and close-knit the boating community is – in Maryland and across the country. With Dockshare, our mission is to strengthen that community – bringing people together and making the waterfront more accessible than ever before. 

Our team is made up of individuals from different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common – we love life on the water and want to share that with others. Our hope is to build bridges that connect people who share that love nationwide.