About dockshare

Dockshare connects boaters with private dock owners who want to rent their docks while safely earning extra income. It is a convenient and flexible way for boaters to access private dock listings and have the freedom to dock whenever they want. In the past, boaters have relied on social media, message boards, and newspaper ads to access private boat dock rentals. Dockshare is a safe and secure, easy to use, and mobile-friendly platform. 

Go boating, paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking even if you don’t live by the water – Dockshare caters to all types of watercraft.

Dockshare's founders

Married couple and water enthusiasts Nate and Gina Young both enjoy an adventurous day on their boat and in the great outdoors. They own a waterfront home at the beach that they don’t occupy year-round, and have a dock that sits empty for the majority of the year. They also love to cruise around on their boat, but unfortunately can not always find dock rentals at the restaurants and attractions they enjoy visiting. Dockshare was created as a solution to both problems they experienced personally.

Dockshare Founders

Our Mission

The Dockshare mission is to bring people together. At Dockshare, we’re working to make the boating community more accessible to everyone because we believe the waterfront is meant to be enjoyed by all.  

As a team of individuals from different backgrounds, our hope is to build bridges that connect all people who love life on the water.  

All the best,

Nate and Gina


Bayside Gazette

October 15, 2020

Throwing a line to boaters seeking short-term mooring rental at private docks is the concept of a new app developed by Ocean Pines residents Nate and Gina Young.

Along with a four-member team, the couple has developed Dockshare, an online platform that caters to boaters looking for a temporary mooring solution.