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Risk Management for Your Dock

Although renting out your dock gives you the potential to make a lot of extra income, it does not come without risks. You might be thinking, “Who is coming to my dock? Are they trustworthy? Are they an experienced boater? Will they adhere to my property rules?”

These are valid questions and we’d be concerned if you WEREN’T thinking about them! But that’s beauty of renting your dock out with Dockshare. We provide guest screening services and property damage protection to give you peace of mind.


Enhanced Guest Screening

We ensure only legitimate guests get access to your dock and we do this through continuous authentication. This involves checking the validity of each guest’s data against multiple sources, ensuring no fraudulent activity takes place. 

A boater books your dock. We verify their details. You host with peace of mind. It’s that simple. 

By using Dockshare, you will benefit from our guest screening process so you’ll know exactly who will be at your dock. Our guest screening stops problematic guests from booking your dock, prevents unruly guests that are more likely to cause damage, and avoids fraudulent bookings and credit card fraud.

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Property Damage Protection

Our damage protection plan is unmatched and covers up to $5,000,000 for all verified bookings. When you rent your dock out on Dockshare you won’t have to leave yourself vulnerable to property damage or battle with boaters over damage payouts. Our plan covers accidental damage, malicious damage, and theft

Best of all, in the unlikely event that there is a damage claim, we will pursue those boaters on your behalf, so you can focus on future bookings.

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