How it works

Dockshare gives boaters more freedom.

The water is for everyone. You no longer have to worry if public docks or marinas are full. Reserve slips online with ease and confidence that get you as close as possible to your destination. We cater to all types of watercraft – book for your paddle board, canoe or kayak too.

Search for docks by address, city, or zip code.

Select a dock that best fits your needs.

Reserve the dock by the hour, day, week, month, season or year.

Booking on Dockshare

Whether you are boating, kayaking, or paddle-boarding, Dockshare makes it easy for you to find a dock:

1. Browse.
Start by searching for your desired location. Use the slider to adjust the distance you are willing to dock from your desired location. You can also filter the search results by travel date and boat needs (such as minimum water depth, slip length, and slip width.)

2. Book.
Check out photos of the dock and a satellite image, so you know exactly where to go. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, choose your rental type (hourly, weekly or monthly) and secure your reservation. All transactions are completed through our secure platform.

3. Set sail!
Once you receive a reservation confirmation email, you’re ready to go. Keep our information available in case you need to reach us with any queries. 


Any bookings made within 24 hours of docking will result in an immediate charge. If a booking has been made over 24 hours before docking, payment will be held until the 24 hour mark.

Bookings can be changed or cancelled under “My Bookings.”

Once payment has been made (this occurs 24 hours before the reservation time), modifications can no longer be made to the dates or payment amount. If a longer stay is needed, submitting a new booking request is permitted. If the stay is going to be shorter than expected or the dates have changed, please cancel the current reservation and submit a new booking request for the altered dates.

You will need to place a new booking to stay longer.

Dockshare does not provide insurance of any kind. Please speak with your insurance provider directly to determine what your insurance benefits include.

Who We Are

Dockshare was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Nate and Gina Young.

Dockshare Founders

Water enthusiasts themselves, Nate and Gina love spending days in the great outdoors, cruising around Maryland’s waterways in their boat. It was on one of their cruises that they realized a major gap in the marketplace.

It all started when they were out on their boat and couldn’t find a spot at a public dock. They found themselves looking around at all the private docks sitting empty and thinking what a missed opportunity – for the dock owner and boater – to offer the flexibility of temporarily renting a private dock. 

They realized that they too were missing out on making their own dock available on their beach-front property where their dock sits empty the majority of the year. 

Dockshare was created to solve both of these problems simultaneously.

Our Mission

To us, the water represents freedom. We believe it’s meant to be enjoyed by any and all. We love how unique and close-knit the boating community is – in Maryland and across the country. With Dockshare, our mission is to strengthen that community – bringing people together and making the waterfront more accessible than ever before. 

Our team is made up of individuals from different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common – we love life on the water and want to share that with others. Our hope is to build bridges that connect people who share that love nationwide.