Demcy Grill, Tori Ochoa, and Mateo Ortiz Focus Efforts on Social Media and Branding Strategies 

(Baltimore, MD) Dockshare, a Maryland based start-up that connects boaters with private dock owners who want to rent their docks while safely earning extra income, announced today the introduction of their interns. Demcy Grill, Tori Ochoa, and Mateo Ortiz are all Banneker/Key Scholars at the University of Maryland. 

The University of Maryland sophomores will spend much of their internship focused on social media and branding strategies. The interns’ main roles include but are not limited to: researching social media trends and monthly holidays to incorporate into posts; writing content for social media post; performing monthly analytics on social media performance to strategize new tactics to boost engagement; researching and joining local Facebook groups to reach target audience; and designing Dockshare’s signature Instagram puzzle feed using Canva. Additionally, Grill, Ochoa, and Ortiz will be responsible for developing blog content topics; drafting copy; uploading weekly blog posts to Dockshare’s website; and monitoring the site’s activity. 

In 2019, the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that 43% of internships at for-profit companies are unpaid. Dockshare is working to change that statistic. Dockshare interns are not only fairly compensated for their work, but they are also encouraged to take initiative on high-level tasks. 

Additionally, the Dockshare interns’ responsibilities to plan projects, delegate tasks, develop timelines, and execute ideas starkly contrasts the reality of most internships, in which 93% of interns reported completing mostly menial work with very few important tasks (LiveCareer 2020 survey).

Marketing intern Demcy Grill studies international business and philosophy, politics, and economics. She directs the social media strategies, drafts MailChimp email campaigns, and enhances the design and content of the web site. Grill is a Project Manager in TAMID Consulting Club and serves as the Chair of Professional Activities on the Banneker/Key Community Council.  In her spare time, she assists TrebleNetwork with social strategies and implementations.  Grill enjoys graphic design, content writing, and data analytics.

Tori Ochoa is studying Psychology at the University of Maryland within the Design, Cultures, and Creativity (DCC) Honors College. DCC has taught her about graphic design, problem solving, and cultural connectivity. She manages the weekly blog posts and researches social media marketing. Ochoa is experienced in Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and WordPress. She enjoys exploring and spent a gap year traveling between Australia and New Zealand. 

Mateo Ortiz, Dockshare’s Website Design intern, is an Architecture major who is also involved in the DCC Honors College.  He leads the website redesign to boost SEO performance and has enhanced UX by updating the site using Elementor. Ortiz has an interest in product design, robotics, architecture, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Ortiz has collaborated with many companies of all graphic design and film backgrounds, as well as app creation. His skills include writing, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Originally from Costa Rica, Ortiz is fluent in Spanish and French, and enjoys music, food, and traveling. 

 “We are so excited to have Demcy, Tori, and Mateo on our team as they provide thoughtful strategic insights and ideas to help increase brand awareness for Dockshare,” shared Nate Young, Dockshare’s Co-Founder. “When we met Demcy and saw her passion to learn and implement creative marketing concepts, we knew we needed her on our team.  Once onboard, we requested that Demcy seek out additional student assistants from her university program.  As a result, we gained Tori and Mateo, and couldn’t be happier with our team of student interns. Our goal is for them to achieve the learning experience they need to be successful in their chosen fields.”

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Dockshare connects boaters with private dock owners who want to rent their docks while safely earning extra income. It is a convenient and flexible way for boaters to access private dock listings and have the freedom to dock whenever they want.  In the past, boaters have relied on social media, message boards, phone calls, and newspaper ads to access private boat dock rentals. Dockshare is a safe and secure, easy to use, and mobile-friendly platform. Go boating, paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking even if you don’t live by the water – Dockshare caters to all types of watercraft.  Dockshare cares about boaters and dock owners’ liability. The company encourages anyone listing on the platform to have insurance that covers their personal watercrafts, docks, and/or property. To learn more about Dockshare, visit