Make The Most Of fall boating

Boating is traditionally thought of during the warm summer months with swimming, waterskiing and other water sports, however, there is something special about fall boating.  As summer comes to a close and your children head back to school, why not extend the boating season into autumn and enjoy the crisp cooler days on the boat?  There’s no better place or time of year to indulge in the fall foliage as the leaves start to change color.

Don’t Winterize Your Boat Just Yet — There are Advantages to Fall Boating 

Just because summer boating season is over for the year, that doesn’t mean you have to winterize your boat just yet.  With more beautiful autumn days ahead, fall boating offers advantages that you won’t experience during the rest of the year.  The water is quiet and peaceful. It’s an adventurous way to explore local nature and leaf changes from the boat. Evening fall cruises provide for a starry sky with cool refreshing air. And the fall fishing is pretty awesome with more striped bass, walleyes, and catfish looking for a line. 

For these reasons and more, we highly encourage you to get out on the water this fall.

1. Watch the forecast
Before you plan a fall boat outing, be sure to double check the weather. Autumn is filled with rainy days and you wouldn’t want to load up your crew if the weather isn’t going to cooperate. If the weather looks iffy, it’s best to reschedule for another day than to get caught in a storm, especially in cooler weather.
2. Be prepared to night boat
Another way to prep yourself for fall boating is to have a plan if night falls during your trip. The days begin to shorten in the fall and night can creep up quickly if you aren’t paying attention to the time. Check sunset times and make arrangements to be docked before the sun falls, or prepare yourself for a night boating adventure.  Visit our blog on the Dos and Don’ts of Night Boating.
3. Take the scenic route

A great way to spend your fall boating experience is to explore the areas with brilliant autumnal colors. Check out Discover Boating’s list of the best places to see foliage across the country.  For those Maryland boaters in our backyard, St. Michaels is a lovely fall destination along the Chesapeake. Plan your fall trips today and dock easily with Dockshare.

4. Bring all the fall essentials 

If you plan to bring a crew of family and friends, a great fall day could simply be cozying up on the boat. Bring plenty of blankets, sweatshirts and sweatpants, and warm drinks to keep toasty. If you are feeling adventurous, pack mess-free fall activities, such as pumpkin decorating, to do on the boat with children of all ages.

5. Stop for cider or cocoa

If you don’t have the time or are unable to pack some warm drinks yourself, make a stop for a cider or cocoa at your local waterfront town. Park the boat and hop ashore for an autumn stroll with a toasty drink. Stop at Kilwin’s in Downtown Annapolis for a delicious hot chocolate and seasonal walk down main street for the perfect fall day.

6. Bring a rod 

Fall is a fun time of year to fish since carnivorous fish are usually feeding heavily all day preparing for winter. Check out the best local areas and species to fish in your region. Learn more about what type of bait and lines to use and what the weather can mean for your catch of the day.

7. Take extra precautions 

As the water begins to cool in fall, it becomes more dangerous. Always make sure to avoid risks. Dress appropriately, wear a life jacket, check your boat electrical systems and VHF radio,  and gas up before you go.

As we tuck away our swimsuits for the summer season, remember that the fall is a time to embrace the opportunities that this season will bring on the water.  We encourage you to try some of our tips for an awesome day of fall boating. If you need to stop and park, check out Dockshare docks in your area and plan your next autumn trip.