Empty Dock? What To Do With It…

Are you among the millions of waterfront property owners who have a dock? Is it occupied? Or is it sitting empty? If it’s an empty dock, we can help change that!

Maybe the dock was an asset when you purchased the home, or you made the conscious decision to invest in a dock to increase the value of your waterfront property, but don’t have the need for it anymore.

Have you tucked away your boat for the cooler seasons? Did you sell your boat after maintaining the boat year after year? Don’t have the time to set sail with a busy schedule anymore?

There are several fun ways to make use of an empty dock. It’s time to make your dock more practical and entertaining for guests.

Empty to Occupied Dock

1. Create the perfect oasis on the water.
Sitting by the water is sure to provide a calming effect on just about anyone. Find a few Teak wood Adirondack chairs, add a couple of outdoor pillows, and venture down your dock with a blanket and drink in hand. It makes for the perfect morning, afternoon, or evening.
2. A spot to stay warm and enjoy the water.

Safely combine a fire pit and a patio heater for an outside living space, allowing you to evenings on the dock throughout the year. A traditional fire pit or a more modern propane-powered pit offer warmth and entertainment on an empty dock. Be sure to bring down your favorite warm or iced drink, weather dependent, and sip along the water in the warmth.

3. Add a basic watercraft rack.

Looking for a convenient storage area for your kayak, paddleboard, or wakeboard? Build a custom rack or purchase online or your local boating supply shop. Not only will the rack keep your equipment and watercrafts safe, but it will also offer easy accessibility for your crew members seeking some adventure.

4. Design an outdoor dining space.

Placing an outdoor table on your empty dock makes for a nice dining ambiance along the waterfront. Set up a Teak wood table and chairs and utilize the space for casual or fine waterfront dining. Table for two…yes, please!

5. Make use of the storage space.

Invest in a dock storage bin in which you can store all your life jackets, spare dock bumpers, towels, water toys, tackle boxes, and more. The convenience of having all your goodies on the dock will save you time and energy – allowing for more waterfront and in-water activities.

6. Enhance the fun with an inflatable trampoline.

Dock-adjacent accessories can offer hours of fun and memory-making on the water. Inflatable trampolines are one way to add to your empty dock. Liven up your waterfront property and get a little exercise while you do!

7. Create a fish cleaning station.

For all those fisherman out there, especially the coastal dock owners, add a fish cleaning station to your empty dock. Mount a table and cleaning station, along with a white cutting board surface. Install a water pump, water lines and sprayer for your cleaning needs. Being fully equipped when the crew returns with dinner is sure to please.

8. List your dock. Rent it to others.

Be a hero on the water. Docks are meant to be a safe haven for boats, kayaks, canoes or even jet skis. If you aren’t currently occupying your dock for a watercraft, list your dock today with Dockshare. Earn extra cash and provide an opportunity for boaters and other water enthusiasts in the region to have a place to dock.

Your dock is one of your best assets of a waterfront property home. Don’t let an empty dock just sit. Enjoy it – entertain on it, relax on it, share it with others. Whatever you choose, make that dock happy to be there!