Dining on the water - how to make it easy

Dockshare Shares Tips on How to Handle Your Hungry Crew.

Dining on the water can sometimes be the best part of your nautical adventure. Whether you are seeking a relaxing or more upbeat waterfront restaurant option or deciding to pack your own snacks and meals of choice, Dockshare shares some tips on how to handle your hungry crew.

Getting Past the Parking Hassle
At Dockshare, we love visiting waterfront restaurants, especially when we can get there right off the boat.  It’s always important to think about when and where your crew wants to dine before heading out on the boat and seeking a dock at your selected destination because timing and location can make a big difference when docking. Parking the boat at waterfront venues can sometimes be a real hassle with the minimal dock slips available. With Dockshare’s Book a Dock feature, you can park at the nearest private dock and walk right over- stress free!
Where to Dine
Now that parking can be a breeze and your boat can be safely moored at a private dock, your biggest problem is figuring out where to enjoy a fun happy hour or nice meal on the water. We’ve got you covered! Below are some of our favorite spots in the Chesapeake Bay area:     
1. Carson’s Creekside

Located in Middle River, Carson’s Creekside offers an array of seafood along with classics like pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. One of Dockshare’s own staff members says the sweet potato french fries with marshmallow fluff are to die for. Check them out for yourself!

2. Sunset’s Cove (Pictured Above)

This restaurant, located in Baltimore, is beachfront and offers a variety of entertainment. From live music and a tiki bar with the most amazingly original drink concoctions around, to  beach access and a marina, Sunset Cove is the perfect place for a lively waterfront stop. Their delicious menu and sunset views and atmosphere are worth the trip. Make a reservation today for some summer fun!

3. Bowley’s on the Bay

This brand new spot at Long Beach Marina has the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a family dinner. With outdoor seating and sails for shade, enjoy tables directly in the sand and a delicious menu. 

4. Island View Waterfront Cafe

We love this place in Essex for a casual meal. Traditionalist,  they’ve built their menu around recipes that their grandmother used when she began to restaurant.  From the Baltimore Style Crab Soups and Coddies to the Crab Cakes, they continue to stay true to their Baltimore values. Not to mention, that they have scrumptious seafood tacos. Their string lights at dark make it an awesome venue for a fun summer night. An added bonus, Island View Waterfront Cafe offers kayak rentals and event planning during the day!

5. Dock of the Bay

Right behind Craighill Lighthouse in Sparrows Point, you’ll find this gem. The views of the bay are incredible. Be sure to bring your cameras. Dock of the Bay serve breakfast for our early rising friends. Bring the kiddos along.  They will be entertained with  the fun playground while the adults can enjoy some quiet time at the bay. 

The Chesapeake Bay offers some amazing dining choices.  Check out additional Food and Drink suggestions from our friends at Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Dining on the Boat

We understand that sometimes docking the boat for a meal just isn’t on the agenda (even when parking can be so easy!), so we also cooked up some tips for eating on the boat:

1. Pack Finger Foods

To avoid having to bring utensils, make foods as portable as possible. Options like wraps and sandwiches are quick and easy to eat on the boat. Other ideas include pasta salad, skewers, and trail mixes, among more.  

2. Make Substitutions Where Necessary

Many food items spoil faster than others and keeping food edible can get challenging in the summer. Consider switching the mayo in your potato salad, dressings, and sauces for olive oil. Remember, good ol’ PB&Js lasts longer than cold cuts and packaged snacks can be safer than fresh food. 

3. Avoid Warm Foods

With no way to reheat your meal, cold foods are best to bring on the boat. Be sure to stock up on ice and fill those coolers. Store your food in a cooler and place it in a shady and reachable spot on the boat.

4. Individualized and Grab ‘n Go Treats

Load up on personal snack bags, beef jerky and Slim Jims, individual trail mix packets, and granola bars.

6. Remember to Hydrate

Being on the water all day long can dehydrate you quickly. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks with extra electrolytes throughout the day to avoid heat exhaustion. Keep several thermoses filled with ice water for backup supply.  

Whether you’re stopping on the go or tying up at your favorite restaurant, we want your waterfront dining experience to be the best! Remember that Dockshare makes parking your boat or water vessel quick and easy so that you can enjoy an adventure on land.

Check out these local restaurants or DIY tips and have an amazing summer on the water!