Dockshare’s guide to being the best guest

With the sharing industry being one of the fastest growing business trends in history, it is important to inform guests on how to be the best guest ever. We now share cars, houses, and even docks! An important part of sharing amenities is assuring your partner that you will be a good customer and leave things as you found them, or as we suggest – leave them even better. When renting a dock from Dockshare, it is just as important to be respectful to the dock and surrounding area. Below are a few of our most utilized tips on how you can be the best guest ever (whether on land or water):

1. Be clear with how long you are staying
Let your host know your expectations of stay time. Don’t show up unannounced.  Make sure you plan ahead of time. Complete your registration with realistic arrival and departure dates and times. This allows your host to welcome you at the correct time, while also having the area in tip-top shape for your arrival.
2. Follow house rules.
a. Keep noise levels down- Loud noises in the early morning and late night are usually unwelcome and unappreciated by nearby neighbors. With many people working from home due to the pandemic, noise can be distracting during any hour of the day. When arriving ashore and docking, make sure to keep your noise levels down. 

b. Mind the landscaping- Many dock owners put in sufficient time, money, and effort into their landscape and hardscape designs. If you must walk through private property to get to your destination, be sure to walk on clearly marked paths or grassy walking spaces. 

c. Leave things cleaner than you found them. Pick up after yourself. If you have disposable items with you while using the dock, be sure to either take them with you or throw them away. Never leave them on the dock for the owner to pick up or to get washed into the water

d. Respect the equipment- If you plan to use the electricity or water on the dock, make sure to use it responsibly to avoid  any damage. Further, roll up any hoses or cords you use so that the next person can access them easily.
3. Drive safely

This one goes without saying, but we will say it anyway! Drive safely and slowly around the dock so that you don’t damage the dock itself or any of its mechanisms.

Being a guest to someone’s home, property, or dock is a special privilege. It is the guest’s duty to be respectful and responsible.  Using the suggested etiquette rules and tips will make the docking experience a smooth partnering transaction for all parties involved.  

As an organization with a mission to make the water accessible to everyone, we want all our members to be courteous hosts and guests, so that dock owners continue to say Be Our Guest to boaters. Visit our blog next month for Part 2 of Being a Great Guest where we’ll share our team members’ favorite host gifts.