Women in the workplace: Meet a few of the empowering women of dockshare

Dockshare strives to create a work environment that is empowering to people of all genders, sexualities, and races, and what better way than to highlight a few of the talented, hardworking, and empowering women leaders within the company who have guided the development and growth of the organization.

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.Sarah Blakey, founder of Spanx
Gina Young, co-founder of Dockshare, is a firm believer in this quote. When speaking about her leadership in business, Gina focuses on how to rely on teammates who work together in making progress and gaining success. Building a team of experts is the greatest strength a leader can exemplify. . She and her husband, Nate, started Dockshare with an idea — a real solution to a problem. That idea has grown into a viable company that fosters a variety of ideas for growth and improvement every day. Despite the unknown, Gina has helped build an environment for women to use their collective strengths and talents to build something worthwhile.
Assisting Gina to exceed the goal of raising brand awareness about Dockshare, Natalie Van Buskirk and Nicole Halsey, promote Dockshare with their expertise in PR and Marketing. Through effective communication, proactive research, and strategic planning, they have steered Dockshare through marketing research, media relations, social media, guerrilla marketing and email campaigns. Both Natalie and Nicole are joint small business owners and partners of their agency, Polished Nichols. The duo provides some insight about their desire to guide other women in the company and beyond.
“We are empowered by other intelligent, kind, dedicated, and trustworthy women in a workplace environment. Empowered women empower women.” 
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These women are setting an example of securing success through hard work and dedication. According to a recent study, 29% of women believe that their gender will be an obstacle to advancement. To overcome this obstacle, women in leadership positions can take this opportunity to begin fostering the bright young minds of the next generation. Gina, Natalie, Nicole and the other leaders of Dockshare, are providing this on a consistent basis for student interns.
Demcy Grill and Tori Ochoa are both college interns from the University of Maryland. When asked about their experience with Dockshare they believe it has opened the door to real-life experiences and hands-on education in the world of business. It has also granted them the opportunity to learn from extraordinary examples of women succeeding in leadership roles.
Tori shares about her experience:
“Dockshare’s student internship is the first professional level job I’ve ever secured so I had, and still have, a lot to learn. It has been incredibly helpful to have a group of inspiring women guiding me along this journey. They are all incredibly strong and driven in their roles as leaders, and have swept me under their wings to work towards the same goals for Dockshare.” 
Women leaders provide the best mentorship. The younger generation is in need of role models — someone who will guide them through their professional career and offer life-changing advice. Specifically, for mentoring and coaching young talent, women leaders are better mentors. The women of Dockshare master the roles of mentors just as they prevail in their roles for the company.
Dockshare is an organization that encourages work/life balance and lifts up the female leaders who wear so many hats in one day.  As women balancing careers, homes, extracurricular activities, and overseeing the majority of parental guidance, Dockshare’s executives take these experiences to help them adjust to new situations while determining the best solutions to real-life work issues. The atmosphere of the company empowers women to do their jobs effectively and become leaders to those around them.
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