Top 10 Reasons To List Your Dock

It’s boating season — time to list your dock. Yes, you!  If you have a dock that you don’t use everyday, now’s your chance to list it and rent it out to needy boaters and water enthusiasts. Check out the top ten reasons to list your dock and make the waterways more accessible for all.

List Your Dock on Dockshare
1. Turn Your Dock Into an Asset
Dockshare is a free listing platform that allows you to turn your dock into revenue! You get to set the price and manage your bookings so that you can comfortably rent out your dock to boaters looking to tie up- all while receiving financial compensation. Your dock may be your biggest untapped asset!
2. Connect With the Boating Community
We love the tight-knit community among boaters and want to spread this camaraderie through our platform. Even if you don’t have a boat in the water, you can still access the community by renting out your dock! Renting opens a line of communication, gives boaters a private space to dock, and opens up access to docking for others who wish to join the community!
3. Keep Your Dock in Use

Docks require a lot of maintenance and unused docks can quickly fall into disrepair. Renting out your dock promotes regular surveillance and maintenance that could save you time and money in the long run.

4. Set Your Own Rates

Dockshare allows you to list your dock at whatever rate you choose. This flexibility allows you to charge whatever price you think is fair and influence prices for docking in your local area. It also allows you to be in charge of your own income!

5. Support Local Businesses

After a long day of fun in the sun, many boaters want to make a stop at local restaurants or attractions to relax. Renting your space can allow boaters to tie up at your dock and walk to the nearby destination when public spaces are filled. This creates more traffic for local businesses and for your private business in renting!

6. Join the Sharing Community

The Sharing Economy is gaining traction throughout the world and helps individuals create their own revenue. We share homes, cars, goods, and now docks! This pools resources and contributes to sustainable living that benefits everyone.

7. Passive Income is the Best Income

Not only is Dockshare a new source of income for dock owners, but it is a source of passive income that requires little maintenance and energy. You could be washing the dishes or watching TV while still collecting income as boaters rent out your dock space – it’s that easy!

8. Give Boaters More Choice on Where to Tie Up

We believe that the boating community represents freedom on the water. You can give these boaters even more freedom by renting out your space. They can now have the choice on whether they want to rent publicly or privately, exactly where they want to rent, and who they want to give their money to when choosing a space to tie up. Oftentimes, a private dock can be much more convenient than a public one that is farther away from the destination.

9. Support Local Travel Economy

Boat owners love to explore new waterways! So when they arrive in a new area with their trailer, they want to put their boat in the water right away and get to exploring. Renting your dock gives boaters more flexible options on their vacation and allows them to spend time in the area which boosts the local economy.

10. Support Black-Owned Small Businesses

As a small business established by a black owner, we encourage others to support minority-owned businesses.  It’s as simple as engaging in the services and products they offer. The opportunities are endless for embracing all — something we strive for each day as our mission at Dockshare.

Visit us here to see how easy the process is. Join the team of private dock owners who understand the value of the Dockshare platform and have already joined our community for one, if not all, of these reasons.