7 Reasons You NEED to Rent Your Dock out this year

rent out your dock, this is a photo of an empty dock on a florida canal
(updated January 4, 2024)
If you’ve ever wanted to rent out your dock, make 2024 the year you actually do it. The idea of making some extra cash by renting out something you own is nothing new in this day and age. With the recent rise in outdoor recreation, boating, and watersports, docks and boat slips are in high demand. Marinas have waiting lists that are years long, and boaters are struggling to find places to tie up. With Dockshare, you can rent your dock for an entire season, but you also have the option to rent short term – think monthly, weekly, or even daily.
Okay, so you live on the water, you have a dock, but not sold on the idea? Consider these 7 reasons why you may want to rent your dock out on Dockshare.
1. Provide a place for boaters to dock while enjoying land-based activities.
If you live in a downtown area, or if there are fun attractions or restaurants within walking distance of your home, boaters will be itching to rent your dock. With Dockshare, you can list things to do that are close to your dock right in your listing’s description. This is the perfect opportunity for renting your dock by the hour. You even have the flexibility to choose which days and times your dock is available for rent.
2. Earn extra cash, but only when you want to.
This is a no-brainer. If you rent your dock out, you’re going to make money. But choosing to rent your dock on a short-term basis, rather than seasonally, can increase your earning potential exponentially. And with the ability to choose which days and weeks your dock is available, you can free up your dock for when YOU need it.
3. Support paddling access to waterways for the growing paddling community.
Way back at the beginning of the pandemic, interest in paddlesports skyrocketed across the globe. Unfortunately, public access to waterways cannot keep up with the demand. Building public boat ramps and soft launches isn’t exactly a quick process! If your property has a suitable place to launch a kayak or paddleboard, and you have space for a paddler to park their car for a few hours, you could open a crucial door for paddlers to explore new territory. 
4. Strengthen the transient boater community.
If you have a dock that can accommodate at least a 26’ vessel and has a depth of at least 6’ mean low water, the transient boating community NEEDS you. What exactly does transient mean? A boater that’s passing through the area and may need a place to dock for a few days. Municipalities and private marinas are struggling to meet the transient boaters’ needs, and if you CAN meet their needs, the payout could be huge, simply put.
5. Meet like-minded, adventurous, boating friends.
A fun reason to rent your dock by the day, is that you open yourself up to so many opportunities to meet new people – people from all over, and likely those with your shared interest in boating, sailing, or paddling, or simply enjoy a water view. Another benefit of renting short term is that when you’re NOT feeling social, you can specifically schedule your dock’s availability for when you’re not home (because you know, we all have those days)!
6. Turn your dock into an asset.
As the Dockshare community grows and your listing fills with reservations, you could potentially bring in enough income to offset the higher costs of living waterfront. It’s just like renting your second home to vacationers to offset the cost of owning that second home, but renting your dock is way less intrusive.
7. Renting your dock out on Dockshare is safe and secure.

Dockshare provides all hosts with property damage protection, enhanced guest screening services, and secure payment processing, so you can rent your dock with confidence.

Here at Dockshare, we’re working hard to strengthen the boating community by connecting boats to docks, and ultimately creating new connections between people and waterways. If anything in the list above sparked curiosity or excitement in you, reach out and say hello to the Dockshare team – we’d love to connect and help you turn your dock into an asset!