Are you leaving money on the water?

As warm weather quickly approaches, boaters and other water enthusiasts are planning for upcoming water excursions as soon as possible, but Dockshare says: “Why are you waiting until summer?”
At Dockshare, we’ve identified the Greater Fort Lauderdale area as a high-demand docking hotspot! As a dock owner, you can offset property maintenance costs or earn passive income to offset other living expenses by engaging in rental services. All you have to do is list your dock FOR FREE on Dockshare. We’ll take care of the rest!
Often dock owners are concerned about what happens if there is damage to their property? Dockshare is proud to share that we are insured through our partner, Superhog, to give you peace of mind when renting your dock through Dockshare.
WWe’re working to make the boating community more accessible to everyone. It should be enjoyed by all. Listing on Dockshare will kickstart your earning potential and give you access to a boating community with other water enthusiasts. We hope you will join us, our platform, and our community.