Dock Stories: Bruce Blackway

Passion, perseverance, and patience are all words that can describe our next #Dockstories feature. Bruce Blackway, founder and owner of Blackway Boat Models, epitomizes hard work and meticulousness through his intricate model boats that celebrate Chesapeake Bay history.
Chesapeake Bay residents know how hard it can be to enjoy boating year round.
Unpredictable Maryland winters make it nearly impossible to get close to a boat, let alone the Bay itself. However, with enough creativity and passion for the water, it’s possible to make boating a full-time job. Especially if you’re doing it at 1/12 scale.
Meet Bruce Blackway, founder and owner of Blackway Boat Models. What started as a small post-retirement business in 2017 has grown into a full line of model boats that encapsulates the Chesapeake Bay workboat genre. With precise attention to detail, Blackway has developed a line of model boats that range from skipjacks to workboats. Prices range from just under $100 dollars to over $1000, with dozens of customizations and accessories available.
Blackway’s love for the Chesapeake Bay began when he was a child,
spending countless hours on the 28-foot deadrise his father turned into a family cabin cruiser. He dreamed of owning a marina, not knowing he would one day have a miniature-sized one right inside his home.
Bruce now lives with his wife of over 40 years, Jill, on Marlin Creek, just outside Ocean City, Maryland. He loves the time he spends running his model boat business. Blackway’s not trying to get rich selling model boats; he’s simply found a passion that motivates him beyond money.
Ultimately, Blackway creates a product unlike any other,
specifically for people with a love for Chesapeake Bay heritage. If you are interested in an authentic model of a Chesapeake Bay sailboat or workboat go to Bruce Blackway’s website Blackway Boat Models or call (215) 290-3722.
Article adapted from The Healing Power of Model Workboat Building by Craig Ligibel.
 Visit Blackway’s website and Facebook here: