Dockshare In The News: Bayside Gazette Online Platform Fully Functional

Connecting recreational boaters with short-term mooring rentals is the intent of Dockshare, an online platform developed last year by Ocean Pines residents Nate and Gina Young.

“Last Memorial Day was our soft launch, but this feels more like a true launch,” Nate Young said.

Despite the covid-19 pandemic largely restricting social interactions during 2020, the altered conditions failed to halt the new initiative’s progress, Young said.

“The work-from-home element that was already in place made it really easy to assemble our team and get rolling,” he said.

Moreover, Young said the global health challenge helped spur interest in activities on the water.

“The boat industry and boat sales are just through the roof,” he said. “Boating is the perfect socially distanced pastime.”

Young said the concept was envisioned in July 2019, some years after he and his brother bought an Ocean Pines waterfront property.

Dockshare users would have the ability to find vacant dock spaces for short-term uses of an hour, a day, a week or longer.

“Boating isn’t something you try and enjoy and then stop doing,” he said. “Once you get hooked, it’s for life.”

This story originally appeared in Bayside Gazette on June 3, 2021. To read the full article click here.