Docking Done Right: Making it easy to dock wherever, Whenever

Private dock options give current boaters new opportunities

Most boat owners have experienced the headaches of figuring out a place to dock their boat. Some are lucky enough to have their own private dock where they can tie up, however, this limits them to that one safe space. Others rely on monthly rentals, local marinas, or even taking the boat out of the water after each trip. This can be costly in terms of money and time. With more private docks becoming available for rent, current boaters have great options.

Here are some tips to ease your concerns during the docking process:
1. Making Stops
Boats are vehicles. Sometimes the best days on the water include those when you make planned or even spontaneous stops at restaurants, boardwalks, or local attractions. If there is no waterfront parking at those stops, then the only other option is to get your boat docked at home, clean the boat, load up the car, and drive to your desired destination. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just boat straight there before heading in for the night? Dockshare opens up private docks in the area that you can rent by the hour (or day) so that you can make stops along the way.
2. Boats for Transportation

Much like making stops, sometimes a faster (and more fun) option for getting to a waterside destination is by boat. If you have a private dock, getting in the water and boating there directly can be much easier than taking the car. Before, this would be more hassle than it’s worth to figure out parking once you get there. Now, more boat parking options are readily available and your boat actually becomes an awesome way to ride.

3. A More Affordable Option

Public and private marinas and other mooring options can get expensive depending on the size of your boat. Dockshare gives dock owners the choice to set their own prices. Those dock owners offer a flat rate per hour/day/month that allows you to look into other price ranges than just the average traditional docking rate in the area. Book a private dock and watch your savings increase.

4. Vacation

We know boaters love to take their trailers with them to explore faraway lakes and waterways. Finding daily or weekly  rentals can be difficult and expensive. With new technology and applications, you can book a private dock for your vacation as you are making your other logistical plans, and be completely covered. Not to mention, Dockshare makes those quick stops to local tourist attractions fun and easy.

5. Dock Owners

Before, unused docks just sat and weathered away on waterfront properties. There may also be multiple slips available that are completely unused. These important assets can now be leveraged as passive income for any waterfront property. Join the crew of private dock owners who are paving the way so waterways can be accessible for all.

Whether you are setting sail for a short lunch break or planning for a vacation on a waterfront property with your boating vessel, docking options should be top of mind.  Private docking opportunities are on the rise. Find yours today and get out on the water for a fun, easy and inexpensive experience.