Dockshare is exactly what it sounds like; an online platform and reservation system that connects boaters with privately-owned docks and boat slips. Dock owners can list their docks for free, which will eventually lead to dock bookings and passive income. Boaters can find places to dock by the hour, day, week, or month, without waiting on the long waiting lists at marinas. 

The Dockshare team is passionate about making the waterfront accessible to ALL types of boaters, and that includes paddlesports. In April of 2022, Dockshare launched a new feature in which waterfront property owners can list their property as a place for paddlers to launch from their shoreline. 

To the non-paddler, this may not seem like a big deal, but to the avid kayaker or paddleboarder, this has HUGE potential and will open up a whole new world of paddling opportunities! The average paddler typically does not paddle more than 5 miles of flatwater in a single trip. This means that their paddling adventures are usually limited to a 5-mile radius of a public boat ramp or kayak launch, leaving thousands of miles of inaccessible shorelines to explore across the U.S. And for kayak anglers, just imagine the new fishing holes to be discovered!

To make things even more challenging for paddlers, boat ramps are becoming increasingly busy with more boat traffic and not enough parking. As Dockshare expands with more kayak launch listings, kayakers and paddleboarders won’t always have to share busy boat ramps or fight for parking.  

For waterfront property owners, listing a kayak launch is an easy way to bring in extra income. Owners can set all the terms from daily rates and dates of availability, to parking spaces and the maximum number of people allowed for a reservation – so no worries about being overrun like the boat ramps!

At Dockshare, we truly believe that the water is for everyone, and we are making it our mission to strengthen the boating community, bring people together, and make the waterfront more accessible than ever before – and we hope that you will join us!

Check out these kayak launches in Maryland, ready for your paddling reservations!