Skip traffic & parking hassles. Rent this dock in Ocean City, MD for the day.

Picture this. You live (or are vacationing) not far from Ocean City, MD. It’s Friday evening and you’re making plans for what looks to be a beautiful Saturday. Sunny skies, 82 degrees, and a light breeze are in the forecast. It’s shaping up to be the perfect beach day.
It’s also July. Meaning it’s also shaping up to be gridlock traffic on both bridges leading into town. And even if you did brave the traffic, finding parking will certainly be a headache. It crosses your mind to take your boat into town, but you don’t have any reliable ideas on where to dock for the day.
There is a solution. A super easy, convenient, and fun solution. Dockshare. Simply grab your phone, ipad, or laptop, and you can reserve a dock by the hour or by the day. No dealing with traffic, no epic search for parking, and a private boat slip reserved just for you.
The dock you reserve is on 13th street. It’s perfect because it’s just a short walk to the beach, and there are multiple restaurants and fun things to do nearby. So you pack up your family, grab some beach chairs and sunscreen, and cruise across the bay.
Upon arrival, you decide a quick breakfast is in order before hitting the beach. You stroll a quarter mile up the road and grab a coffee and a donut from Layton’s. Once everyone is sufficiently caffeinated, it’s time to head to the beach – also just a quarter mile away from your dock. After a few hours of sun and surf, you decide to treat the family to fish tacos at Coastal Salt, located right on the boardwalk.
As the day progresses, the traffic gets heavier. But you’re feeling stress-free since you know you’ll be enjoying the bay breezes on your way home. As you head back to your boat in the afternoon, and start loading up your beach chairs, you can’t help but let the live music at the Reel Inn draw you in. Since the Reel Inn is just a stone’s throw from your dock, making a quick detour for a crab pretzel and blackened sea scallops is no big deal. The perfect end to a perfect, stress-free day in Ocean City.
Book your adventure to the 13th Street Dock today! Check back frequently too, as Dockshare is adding new dock listings across the country every day.