turn your dock into an asset

What does it mean to dockshare?

Don’t let your dock sit empty. 

Dockshare connects eager boaters with private dock owners who want to safely rent their docks while safely earning extra income. 

Have the freedom to dock whenever you want.

Dockshare gives boaters access to private dock listings where you can book a dock in countless locations in advance or make a same-day reservation. 

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List your dock 

for FREE.

Watch as the

bookings roll in.

Safely earn

extra income!

the freedom to dock

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One of our founders: Nate.

  • Join a community of boaters and dock owners who want to make the waterfront accessible to all who love it.
  • Rent private docks in your favorite locations from listers you can trust.
  • Search for short-term or long-term dock rentals.
  • Book a dock in advance or make a same-day reservation.
  • Explore unique docking options that offer a different experience than marinas.
  • Go paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking even if you don’t live by the water – Dockshare caters to all types of watercraft.