About Dockshare

Dockshare is here to connect private dock owners with boaters who need a safe place to dock their boats. In the past, boaters have relied on social media, message boards, and newspaper ads to access private dock listings. Dockshare is a one-stop shop connecting dock owners and boaters.

We understand this conundrum ourselves. We own a waterfront home at the beach that we can’t use year-round, and have a dock that sits empty for a good part of the year. We also love to cruise around on our boat, but can’t always find dockage at the restaurants and attractions we like to visit. Dockshare was started as a solution to a problem we experienced personally.

Dock owners can enjoy passive income while still enjoying their waterfront homes. Boaters have the freedom to dock wherever they want instead of being limited to a marina. We here at Dockshare are all about finding value, creating opportunities, and enjoying the outdoors. This is technology that gets you off the screen and on the water!